dad'cco offers you a selection of stylish products for new dads. dad'cco products give dads the freedom to enjoy quality time with their precious babies while keeping the stylish looks.

To all the dads who love "daddy time" and to moms who love such dads, we look forward to you visiting our onlineshop here!

About dad'cco


Our 3 Mottos


How did it all start? It all started from the words of one auto engineer. “My father died from a car accident; that is why I decided to be an auto engineer. I wanted to make safer cars” These words shot through our hearts. Being in the auto sales industry, we were moved by this man. The words “car”, “accident” and “family” came together in one line to have meaning.
We care about the safety of families and peace of mind. We wanted to fill this need and so this challenge became the main target of our brand.


Safety and daddy, baby care became our priority. Our products are mainly designed by dads, themselves.
We use real seatbelts that comply with all the safety standards of auto manufacturers using light resistant, fire-proof and sturdy but practical material. This material we chose can be dyed in any color providing a wide variety of colors.


To reflect our sincere concerns for traffic safety, dad’cco contributes part of our revenue to the “NPO Committee to Support Traffic Accident for Orphans”.